Rank Your Shopify Store and Make money every Day

What will you need in the process?

Website (WordPress)
Shopify Store
Money to invest
SEO knowledge

The Method

This method will be based on SEO + Shopify, it is a dropshipping business model, but we will change the marketing approach used by the majority of drop shippers.

Most of dropshippers nowadays are struggling with fb ads, either because they’re getting a high CPC or maybe they are not getting any conversions. Moreover, fb ads needs a big investment to test products and you must have a good experience in the advertising field or there is a big that you will lose all your money without making any profit.

Good news! There is a good alternative, simply by ranking your store + another site.

How is that?

The first step: Ranking your store

You will optimise the shopify store to rank in Google instead of driving traffic to it. You can go for a specific niche store or a general store, but a niche store is always better.

You will add as much products as you can to the store, I suggest 50 products. Every product should have an optimized description in two sides (SEO + Copywriting).

One mistake that almost any new dropshipper do is adding a weak description or a bad one (some of them just copy/paste the description from Aliexpress.).

You should write a big description (at least 500 word for each product). You should take care of ON page SEO and also the copywriting side (to get higher conversion rate).

Each product should target one main keyword (The use of the product, ex: Protein shaker) + 2 long tail keywords.

If you don’t know to do a keyword research, here you go:

  • The Off page SEO: You can hire someone to do it for you, or you can build links by yourself. You can also check the marketplace.

After doing the basic SEO process to your store, you need a SERP tracker to see which pages in your site are ranking. Let’s say your site has 50 products on it, only 10 them started ranking, and 5 of them are getting sales.

This product should be re-optimized, you will edit the description to a better one (1,000 word).

  • Target more keywords
  • Add more images
  • You can create a video for them
  • Build more links
  • Drive traffic to them from your blog (check the 2nd step)

2nd step – The blog

The 1st step is a basic SEO process for your Shopify, but here the special part.

Most of you know about amazon review sites, right? Okay, what we will do is almost the same thing but we won’t promote Amazon products, and instead, we will promote our own products.

You will create a niche website for the winning products that you have in your store, write some guides in that niche and suggest some products in each article (this part doesn’t need a lot of explaining as most of you already know how to do it.).

The benefit of that method is that it’s better than promoting Amazon method. Why?
You choose your profit margin.
You get a mailing list = Making money forever instead of relying on the Amazon cookies system.


I tried to keep that short and simple and I hope that it will help some people. It will be useful for everyone starting a new Shopify store, and also for the big dropshippers who are relying just on fb ads as they will be able to go to the next level.

Proof: A lot of people doesn’t support the Shopify + SEO approach and think that a Shopify store can’t rank well. Simply, that’s because most people are not doing it right. I ranked my own stores and also a lot of stores for my clients and we’re getting each day a lot of orders without spending any penny on ads.

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