How To Find The Best Dropshipping Suppliers For Your eCommerce Store

In this article, I will talk about what a high-quality drop shipping company looks like.

When talking quality drop shipping companies, what I really mean is:

How well that company performs.

How good their products are

Do you take care of yourself as a dealer?

How good they are to the customers.

The key points you want to keep in mind as you are building out your dropshipping company is you have to understand that the suppliers that you have are going to make or break your business. The suppliers that you bring on board are going to reflect upon your brand. Your brand as an eCommerce company that does drop ship is mainly based on customer support and the service that you provide to your customers as well as the marketing that you do to sell the suppliers’ products.

You want to only work with suppliers that are good quality. You want to provide the best customer support to your customers so that you can reflect well upon your brands and your brands will reflect well upon you as a retailer and it will be a win-win situation.


Suppliers that have good and fast communication.

This starts from the first moment you contact them. How quickly do they answer their phones, how professional they speak to you on their phone, and are you able to speak with somebody that is going to help you right away or does it take a while.

As you do business with them, if there is a problem in communication everything else is going to fall down.

Good communication is the foundation of a good relationship with the supplier number.

Suppliers ship out your products quickly.

With dropshipping, it is important that you have products shipping out right away. If it takes two to three weeks for them to ship and you don’t tell your customers, oftentimes, you will get chargebacks or pissed off customers. If it is a custom made, you have to make it clear on your website that it takes time to ship. You have to set a proper expectation. Make sure to get in touch with your customers through clear and direct communication either by email or phone.

Low damage rate.

Often times, if products are shipped especially big ones, can get impaled or things can be scratched along the way. You want to make sure you work with suppliers that work with shipping companies that provide really good service and have good policies for insurance. If your suppliers do shipping for you, make sure you understand what companies are using for shipping. You may look them up and make sure that they offer good service. Another option is to do the shipping yourself and use and recommend a company called Freight Club for that. You can use our referral link to sign up for their Shopify app it’s

Freight Club

Freight club is great because they provide really great rates for shipping high ticket products. They have been great to work with as well. Oftentimes, they will be a bit cheaper than what the supplier can give you like a freight cost. You will save money and you will have issues. All you have to do is get a quote from them for the shipping and then pay for it. they will give you a bill of lading and you send that to the supplier. They will be the ones who will arrange the pickup time. The drawback is since you are doing the shipping, it is not your responsibility to handle it in case of any. If there’s damage it has to be shipped back. You are the one that has to file a claim and wait to be reimbursed on that instead of your supplier. There is a little more liability risk involve but besides that, it’s a pretty good way to save money and to be in control of the process.

Suppliers take care of their dealers.

Customer service

It is important that suppliers put their dealers first and foremost because the customers are the most important thing but the suppliers don’t deal with the customers directly, dealers do. If the supplier is not willing to take care of the dealer in a situation then they are probably not going to treat the customers very well either and that is not a good supplier. In other words, they offer great pricing after that when there are issues if you find that suppliers are screwing you over as a dealer or charging you restocking fees. That just doesn’t seem fair for a dealer then you should look for other suppliers or talk to them.

Warranty issues

If the supplier does not take it back even though it does not work at all, that is not the supplier you want to work with.

Technical Support

Suppliers that provide great technical support is definitely a great supplier to work with and the supplier that does not sucks. When it comes to complex products, you are going to be dealing with customer questions, these are things you won’t know how to handle right away. Suppliers that have technicians on board on staff that can answer calls.

Suppliers that have best selling products.

You don’t want to bring in suppliers and waste all your time and money onboarding them to your website and your business if they are not even going to sell. To figure this out is to research your competitors and you look at the marketplace.

Suppliers should be good about vetting new online dealers.

You need to talk to somebody on the phone and explain to them your mission as an entrepreneur. It will be harder but worth it especially if they want to supply a preview over an email.

Suppliers that have strong branding.

A brand name, a logo and brand recognition across the industry is really powerful. They should also have brand recognition. It is going to be given and take, you have been built a strong brand and you have to reach suppliers with a strong brand. Stay consistent and not give up. It is all about persistence.

Go for high-quality suppliers and drop the ones that suck. If you are interested in getting started with high ticket drop shipping I have a couple of free offers for you.

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